Coach Registration


Thank you for your interest in coaching with Oak Hills.  All of our coaches are volunteers, and they are critical to the success of our club.

If you have coached with us in the past: Welcome back! Please follow the steps listed below to register for the upcoming season.  

If you are considering coaching with Oak Hills for the first time: Welcome! We appreciate your interest, and we are always in need of coaches in various age groups. You don't have to be a professional soccer player, or even have much of a background in soccer, to be an effective coach. Oak Hills is committed to helping coaches of all ability levels be successful so that children and adults alike can have positive experiences. If you have any questions about becoming a coach for Oak Hills, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Coaching.  Also see Coaches Resources for more info. 

Instructions to Register as a Oak Hills Coach:

Step1:  Register as a coach in our registration systems.

This MUST be done for every new season you intend on coaching. It initiates a criminal background check and ensures our records are up-to-date. (While you are at it, please make sure your email address and contact information are current). This process will take you less than 5 minutes.  There are two places you must register.  One is in our Blue Star system so we can assign you team information and the other is in the state's registration system, Affinity which is where you will submit your background check .

By completing the registration below you acknowldege as a coach you are a mandatory reporter of abuse. OHSC does not tolerate any abuse and per US Congress law, everyone involved in youth sports is a mandatory reporter of abuse.

Click here to register with Blue Star              Click here for Affinity background check


Step 2: Complete Concussion Training
Oregon law requires coaches to be trained in recognizing signs of concussion and to know how to respond appropriately to concussions when they occur. Oak Hills requires ALL coaches to complete concussion training annually.   If you have recently completed a concussion training for another sport or organization, in most cases we can accept proof of this in lieu of completing another session.  Please let us know if this is the case. You must email your concussion certificate to when finished. This does not get sent by the company. Even if it is from another sport, send so long as it's dated between Jan 1, 2018 and today. 

You can access the session with the following link:

Access Concussion Awareness Training

Step 3 : Complete Abuse Prevention Training *NEW to 2018*

After registering in our system you will receive an email link from Abuse Prevention Systems to the training. Please open & complete right away. Note that our Vice President sees the completed certification after you take the quiz so no other steps on your part are necessary after taking the quiz.

The US Congress has passed, and the President has signed, a new law that affects the responsibility of coaches, club officials, and other volunteers to report when they see or suspect physical or sexual abuse of a minor. Oregon Youth Soccer and our member and affiliate clubs such as OHSC are included because all adults registered to OYSA are authorized to interact with minor athletes at events that we sanction. The new statute defines an event to include, “…travel, lodging, practice, competition, and health or medical treatment….” All of our member and affiliate clubs are involved with practices and competitions.

The new federal law is in addition to the requirements of Oregon law.The new federal law is a significant change in the responsibility that coaches, volunteers, and other team and club leaders face.

Step 4: Email our Registrar
Once you have completed the registration, email the registrar at with your intentions of coaching.  Many coaches skip this step and this too often leads to confusion.  Please mention your full name, school, and age group along with your childs name you would like to coach.

  *****Please note, until the background check has been cleared you will not be assigned to a roster.  And until we have a current concussion training and the one-time abuse verification from all coaches associated with your team, we will not assign your team a practice field. *****