Injury Information

Injuries are an inherent aspect of action sports. As a coach, you work hard to train to prevent them, however, how you address an injury is just as important. There is no standard template for addressing injuries, however, below are a few resources to aid in addressing injuries.


In the event of an injury, we urge you to let us know by completing an Injury Report. By completing an injury report, we can better assess what additional measures we can take, or tools we can provide to further mitigate injuries through awareness and injury prevention warmups. For medically treated injuries (broken bones, ACL injuries, etc), your players' doctor should prescribe the proper rehabilitation plan and provider. Additionally, by reporting injuries, we can ensure that the state's insurance provisions are available to the families should they need them.

Additionally, should a player require medical insurance beyond their families insurance plan, OYSA provides insurance coverage for all registered players. Download the form and submission details here: Insurance Claim Form.


If one of your players sustains a sprain or strain, we encourage you to seek physical therapy. This process has proven to properly rehabilitate players of all sports back to optimal performance. In the event of a sustained injury, the KOR Physical Therapy has proven to be an excellent partner and community resource specializing in rehabilitating a variety of sports-related injuries. Please visit their soccer information page.