Recreational Soccer (Grades 2-8)

OHSC's Rec Soccer Program is a league-coordinated program for players Grades 2- 8. Players are rostered on gender-based teams of the same age group, often arranged by school. Teams are frequently rostered small enough that players are afforded extensive opportunity for development and play.

Each team practices twice a week through September, dropping to once a week in October. Games typically begin the first week of September. All OHSC Coaches are parent volunteers, therefore practice days are assigned to the coach based on the criteria that best fits his/her schedule as we try to accommodate our volunteer coaches' schedules when assigning practice times and locations. Practices start in late August.

Games are played on a variety of fields throughout the THPRD boundaries on Saturdays in September and October. Game schedules are typically published 1-2 weeks in advance of the first game, and your team will play approximately 8 games during the season. Don't forget your umbrella as we approach October!!!

Equipment Needed:

  • Shin guards (worn under socks)
  • Size 4 or 5 ball (dependent on age group)
  • Water bottle
  • Soccer cleats are encouraged, but not mandatory
  • Eagerness to learn and have fun