Sponsorship & Donations


OHSC takes great pride in the way we manage our club's finances. While we do not proactively pursue sponsorship opportunities, an investment in our club can go a long ways to improving the local community through our soccer programs.

How does OHSC use sponsorship funds?

Participation Fees: In addition to providing a very low participation cost for recreational soccer, we take great pride in ensuring opportunities for players who may not otherwise be able to afford to participate.

Coaches Clinics: OHSC believes strongly in the continued development of our coaches. Each year, we challenge our coaches to attend training clinics - or obtain an advanced coaching license. In appreciation for our coaches time and effort, OHSC typically covers the expense of the clinic or the license. This is an ongoing area of focus for our club as we would like to see more coaches get certified or licensed.

Equipment: OHSC believes that learning in sports is enabled by the best facilities and equipment. With that in mind, OHSC has partnered with Nike in the recent past to replace much of our "outdated" balls and cones. We also continue to repair or replace damaged or aging nets, pennies and other coaching aids.

Community: OHSC continues to work with community organizations to find areas of improvement that OHSC can make contributions for. Whether it is field improvements, church donations, or scholarships, we find it rewarding to take care of those who help enable our programs!

If you are interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities, please contact our President!