Abuse Reporting
Posted Apr 24, 2018

The new reporting requirements are summarized in a memo from the US Soccer Federation.

You can find the text of the memo here http://view.email.ussoccer.com/?qs=d30deb4c01297497c9620b34944642517d2d74c74ffe2b44e561e51605d28830206a69007c4f196615eeb87b42af27c155dc2539eec0e576f11247ee20558f37b076c8d5545fecbb66a19d3398d8a5c3.

You are required to report to the local agency that receives reports about child abuse. In Oregon, that agency is the local county office of the Department of Human Services. There is at least one office for each county in Oregon. The contact information for each county office is on the Oregon Department of Human Services website at http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/Offices/Pages/Child-Welfare.aspx .

In addition to reporting to local authorities, you need to notify US Soccer that you have made a report, and also notify the US Center for SafeSport. Contact details for US Soccer and the Center for SafeSport are linked above and linked in above memo.

Finally, please alert OHSC President & VP simply that a report has been filed.