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SafeSport Training

Guide to completing SafeSport training

NOTE: Your Name and email in SafeSport must match what you use to register as a coach.

Course order: SafeSport Trained->Refresher 1->Refresher 2->Refresher 3

There are 4 valid training courses: SafeSport Trained, Refresher 1, Refresher 2 and Refresher 3. SafeSport trained will need to be taken before any of the 3 Refreshers. Do not repeat a course until you have finished all 3 refreshers. You will likely not get credit for doing so. Certificates are valid for 1 calendar year.

  1. Go to the SafeSport Training website and either Log In or Create an account (keeping the above not in mind).
  2. If you get an Enrollment Key popup, click Enroll. 
  3. Go to My Courses. There should be a course available (following the order listed above) with a blue Start button. If you have previously completed all 3 Refresher courses, you will use a green Re-enroll button on one of the Refreshers to take the course.
  4. If you do not see a valid course, go to the Catalog and select either SafeSport Trained or the next Refresher course (again following the order listed above).

In 2018 Congress passed a law aimed at preventing child sexual abuse. The Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act introduces new standards that all youth sports organizations must meet, including programs offered by local leagues, churches, schools, camps, and non-profits.

Beginning in 2020, the US Soccer Federation mandated all soccer programs use SafeSport Training. SafeSport replaces Abuse Prevention Training Oak Hills Soccer used for the last two years. 

All coaches must complete the Training. 

The initial Training will take 90 minutes. Each following year the refresher Training will take 20 - 30 minutes.

2020 - 90 Minutes
2021 - 30 Minutes
2022 - 30 Minutes
2023 …

Our recommended approach is to spend 20 minutes each day until you finish the Training. Your progress is saved after you complete each step.

The certificate is valid with all sports organizations that use SafeSport Training.  

You cannot complete your coach registration without completing the SafeSport Training. Please start the process now.  

The link is included on the coach registration page.

You are required to report to the local agency that receives reports about child abuse. In Oregon, that agency is the local county office of the Department of Human Services. There is at least one office for each county in Oregon. The contact information for each county office is on the Oregon Department of Human Services website at

In addition to reporting to local authorities, you need to notify US Soccer that you have made a report, and also notify the US Center for SafeSport. Contact details for US Soccer and the Center for SafeSport are linked above.

Finally, please alert the OHSC President that a report has been filed.

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