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5.Team or Coach Requests 
6.Soccer Programs 

Q. What schools does OHSC support? 
A. Our boundary includes Findley Elementary, Jacob Wismer Elementary, Sato Elementary and Oak Hills Elementary. We also have Meadow Park Middle School, Tumwater Middle School, and Stoller Middle School within our boundaries along with students of options schools. However, any player is welcome to register with our club. 

Q. My child goes to a private school, but we live in OHSC boundaries, can he/she still play in OHSC? 
A. Absolutely. We have players from many schools outside of our implied boundary including: St. Pius, Holy Trinity, St. Mary's, and others 

2. COSTS: 
Q. How much does it cost? 
A. Please reference our registration page for program costs. 

Q. What if I can't afford registration? 
A. OHSC strives to prevent cost from being a reason for a child not to participate. To that end, if financial circumstances prevent you from being able to afford registration fees, please go to our
scholarship page for more info.

Q. What does my registration fee cover? 

A. In addition to our nominal operational expenses, your child's registration fee covers the OHSC fees to register with Oregon Youth Soccer Association who provide our insurance on each participant. The fees also cover the expense OHSC pays to THJSL for use of their fields and game scheduling. 

Q. What age can they start? 
A. Your child must be kindergarten age in the fall of the season they will be playing. This means your child must be 5 years old by August 31st of the year you will be registering for soccer. 

Q. When is Fall registration? 
A. Fall registration begins May 1st. Please register prior to June 15th to avoid any late penalties. 

Q. How do I register? 
A. Visit the Registration link for your child's grade level on our site to register for fall soccer. 

Q. I missed the registration date, can my child still play? 
A. Spaces are filled on a first come-first served basis. If there are still positions on a team available, we will happily do what we can to put your child on a team. However, if there is not room on a current team, we will put you on the wait list and should enough players drop out - or there are enough on the waitlist for another team - we will address those requests in the order they were received. You will still be responsible for paying the late registration fee. 

Q. What if I need to cancel my registration, will I receive a refund? 
A. OHSC will grant a full refund minus $10 administrative fee if the request is made while regular registration is still open (through June 15th for fall or February 15th for spring). A 50% refund will be issued for requests made following the close of registration (June 16- July 15 for fall or February 16-28 for spring).

Cancellation requests after these dates will not be honored without documentation of a new medical condition or extreme family hardship. 

Q. How do I get my child to play with a particular friend? 

A. OHSC makes our best effort at putting children with their friends. However, we cannot guarantee that your child will be with their buddy, but we will make every effort. If you are late registering, we cannot make any guarantees because teams are filled on a first come-first served basis. 

Q. Can my child register in two clubs?

A. OHSC does not allow dual rostering  under the following guidelines:
*Players that are participating in a U11 or older Premier/Development program provided by a competitive organization.
*Players that are rostered on a Competitive team and/ or Select team within a competitive organization.
*Players that are rostered on any other organization's program within the THJSL league (cannot play with 2 different clubs).

Q. What size ball will my child play with? 
Age Group 
Ball Size 
Micro Soccer (K-1ST)
Size 3 
Size 3 
Size 4 
Size 4 
Size 4 
Size 4 
Size 5 
Size 5 

Q. Does my child really need soccer shoes? Or can he/she play with their baseball cleats? 
A. Yes. Referees will prevent your child to play without cleats or turf shoes. Your child CANNOT play soccer with baseball cleats because of the toe cleat. If they show up to play, they will be asked to remove their cleats because of the danger they risk in soccer; they must wear soccer cleats. 

Q. What other equipment will they need to play? 
A. At a minimum, your child must have shin guards. This is a mandatory requirement of not only our club, but the THJSL league. Other beneficial equipment includes a ball (see the chart above for correct size) and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Please also note that your child can not wear any loose jewelry; earrings and jewelry must be removed for games. 

Q. Where can I find the other soccer equipment my child will need? 

A. There are many good local sporting goods retailers that provide equipment. OHSC has partnered with Dick's Sporting Goods in the past. You may also check Tursi's Soccer or Far Post Soccer Supply. Amazon also has many good products - be sure to use our Amazon Smile link so our club receives a donation from your purchase!

Q. How can I get my two children to play together? 
A. If your children are of the same age group, please indicate their sibling in the special request on the registration; we will work to ensure that they are put on the same team. 

Q. Can my daughter and son play on the same team? 
A. Yes, but they will be both be on the "boys" team. We have an all girls division and then a mixed division which is primarily boys, henceforth known as "boys" division. Be advised, this division plays only boys divisions. 

Q. How do I get to have my child play on a particular coach's team? 

A. Each year, we start with returning coaches and players. If your player is returning to the same coach, chances are there is nothing for you to do as we will work to retain the same roster. If you're requesting a new coach, there is a spot on the registration form for special requests. We cannot guarantee that you will end up with that coach, especially if he/she is returning, as we will start by providing them their previous roster. 

Q. When are practices? 
A. Practices occur two nights a week for Rec and one night a week for Micro Soccer during the Fall. Your players' coach submits a practice request form to indicate their practice preferences. Once the practice schedule has been provided, your coach will inform you of the specifics of when practices are set. 

Q. When is the fall season? 
A. Fall soccer runs from practices starting in August and games concluding in early November. 

Q. Do you have a summer program? 
A. OHSC does not currently offer a summer program. We do, however, offer summer clinics and camps for your child to increase their number of touches on the ball. 

Q. Do you have a winter program? 
A. OHSC does not currently offer a winter program. 

Q. Do you have a spring program? 
A. Yes.  Registration opens on January 1 through February 15th 

Q. What about indoor soccer? 
A. There are several indoor soccer facilities in the area; one very close to Oak Hills is Indoor Goals. Each facility offers different programs for different age groups. Please visit their sites for specific information. You can find a link to some of their sites on our Links page. 

Q. How do I become a coach? 
A. In addition to following instructions on our
Coach Registration page, you can also contact our Director of Coaching to express your interest. 

Annual General Mtg. Minutes 11-2019

Please follow this link for AGM minutes.

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